Sunday, 6 July 2014

Get free bitcoin

Get free bitcoin

Visit websites below to get free bitcoin:

 ** This page is outdated
* I have removed a lot of faucets that only pay few satoshi. They're not worth the time.

Featured site:

Every 5 Minutes
Gold faucet - You can earn between 100 to 10k Satoshi
MoonbitcoClaim free bitcoin every 5 minutes or you can wait for the amount of satoshi gradually increase until you claim
Coin Checkin -  Time-based faucet. Up to 0.001 btc in 5 minutes

Every 10 Minutes
CoinCollecting - Scratch the card and win up 1 million satoshi

Every 15 Minutes
Bitcoinker - Earn free [100/200/300] satoshi every 15 minutes
Every 1 Hour
Freebitco - Play games and win up to $200 worth of bitcoins in 1 hour

DailyFreeBits - Get free 100 - 1200 Satoshi every 1 hour
Bitcoin zebra -  Win up to 3000 satoshi every hour
Freebitfaucet - up to 10k satoshi !

Bit visitor - Bitvisitor pays users to visit websites
CoinHD - Watch videos and earn free bitcoin.
Qoinpro - One of the best. Simply sign-up and they will credit your account everyday. FREE bitcoin, Feathercoin, Litecoin and much more. The website is still in beta stage and they will increase the daily amounts of each coin gradually and frequently !

Beware of bitcoin scam site :-
For more info visit The Badbitcoin Badlist

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