Saturday, 17 January 2015

Paris attacks designed by CIA - WSJ Editor

Paris attacks designed by CIA - WSJ Editor

WASHINGTON, Jan. 12 - The terrorist attacks which killed 12 employees of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in France on Wednesday , was a secret operation by the Central Bureau of Investigation ( CIA ) , which is intentionally designed to raise hatred against Muslims in Europe.

It was a disclosure by former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury (Donald Reagan administration) , Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. It was made ​​in an article published in his blog , on last Thursday.

News portals Iran , PressTV reported , he is also the associate editor of the Wall Street Journal revealed that the attack on Charlie Hebdo offices was an inside job by people who deliberately targeting Islam as a scapegoat.

"Muslims were tricked into scapegoats so that France has to obey the United States ( US ) , " he said.

Roberts said the motive for the incident is likely due to US economic sanctions against Russia which directly affect the growth of France. "

The French president said last week , sanctions by the US should be terminated . The attack was an attempt to create France dependencies to US sanctions on Washington against Russia , " he said.

Roberts had previously claimed that the attack on the twin towers of the World Trade Center in 
New York was also planned by the CIA. 

 He also mentioned in his theory that identification card of a suspect, Said Kouachi was found at the 
scene, comparing to 11 suspects' passports of September 2001 attacks were found to be in good 
condition despite of skyscraper fragments.

"The suspect may be guilty, innocent or both. Just keep in mind that all terrorist plot was designed to 
make it look like real terrorist threat to American society, " he said.

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Pendedahan oleh bekas Penolong Setiausaha Perbendaharaan ketika pentadbiran Donald Reagan, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts itu, dibuat dalam satu artikel yang diterbitkan di blognya, pada hari Khamis lalu. - See more at:

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