Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Proof that US/illuminati created ISIS

Proof that US/illuminati created ISIS

The new world order propaganda

When I first heard about ISIS, I knew that the organization was actually created by the illuminati as an early plan for the world war 3 and to misrepresent Islam.

#1 Here's a photo of ISIS soldier with US army tattoo on his arm:

ISIS Soldier. US Army tatto.

#2 And..what the hell is this? Why is ISIS so "AMERICAN" ??
ISIS has texas plumber's truck?

There are even several reports that ISIS militants have U.S passports. How could it be?
Think about it, until now(4 dec 2014) almost 20 countries (US-Arab-Europe) combined cooperating to defeat ISIS. On August 7, President Obama announced that he had authorized the US military to launch air strikes against ISIS militants in Iraq. So the war against ISIS has been 4 months to date but ISIS is getting stronger day by day.

If the US really wants to destroy ISIS, the mission would have been accomplished in no time.

if my memory serves me correctly :-
  • 2003, Iraq - Back in 2003, it took only 3 weeks for the allied army to defeat Iraq. 
  • 2011, Libya - Operation Odyssey Dawn. NATO army intervention in Libya easily destroyed Gaddafi regime.
So, it makes me wondering.. Why is ISIS so strong? (20 countries vs 1 organization)
Who funded ISIS? (You can't buy weapons with sand)
To understand the bigger picture about all this, first you need to find out the truth about why America attacked Afghanistan and Iraq in the first place. I wish I have the time to debunk all the war propaganda. Sorry, I'm not a journalist. :)

This is only my opinion. If you want more information, you can research yourself.

Some clue:

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I just have no idea why the search term " scam" is directing at this post ??

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