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State of decay - Survivors

State of decay - Survivors

State Of Decay : 48 survivors | Leaving Trumbull Valley | Ending.

State of decay public creatice design
State of decay cover (Public domain creative work)


State of decay - Game ending 


Have you ever wonder how many survivors you can save at the end of the game? Well.. I managed to get 48 survivors. My game had some glitches though. Lily became an old man. Sgt Erik had different looks as well. For testing purpose.

UPDATE : This scenario was from old patch. If you have updated the game with latest patch, it's impossible to get 48 survivors.

General + game experience
In the game scenario, only few humans are left in this zombie apocalypse world. The survivors might be hostile at some point but they eventually become friendly. Finding survivors in the game basicly depends on 2 main factor: Scripted storyline events and random event.

Not all survivors can be recruited. The Grange, The Wilkersons are usually not recruitable. Survivors can be recruited by earning their trust. Make use of the radio to find more survivors who are looking for help, send out a signal in your radio menu.

There are random situations where survivors will join you when you rescue them. When you're moving your base to different location, you will find more survivors as you discover more area.

Not all survivors are useful to the community due to the survivors' different personality traits. Some person are just angry, drunk, sad or even a coward, lol. So, it's best to pick the one with good attitude.
 A character's negative attitude can be improved by doing a Morale side mission if one is available.

It's your responsibility to keep them safe and rescue them when their in trouble. You cannot control every character in the game. You need to achieve certain relationship level with Marcus (the main character) **-  buddy-like relationship of course, not intimate. This is the zombie apocalypse world.  Once it reaches a given level, you may control other survivors. You can switch character when your hero is tired.

You can force certain survivors in your community to leave if you think them impracticle or annoying.. or irritating.. What happen to happen to them once they leave? - They're just gone. Where? I don't know. Maybe they got eaten by zombie.  I'm not saying this is infallible truth, but it's what I've seen.

I had this experience where I met a survivor got kicked out by their own family members. lol. and once, Alan has been expelled from the community but then, he kept following me (even backed to the base) and assisted in killing zombies.

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