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Conspiracy to eliminate Italy from World Cup 2002

Conspiracy to eliminate Italy from World Cup 2002

The worst refereeing towards azzurri 

Forza Azzurri


Italy could be champion of world cup 2002. They had very strong team back in 2002. There were some side that didn't want Italy to win the world cup or it was simply the referee involve in bribery.
Fifa president, Sepp Blatter is also known for his racist attitude against Italians. It was not the first he stood against italian football.The true amount of match fixing and corruption among referees is unknown. Some believe it is rampant in FIFA and others are unaware.

During the knockout round of 16, Ecuadorian referee, Byron Moreno was officiating a game between Italy and Korea. I still remember watching the game. I can't believe what I was seeing.  Moreno exhibited a show of purely awful refereeing. His errors were so obviously directed towards Italy, that many claimed it was all a conspiracy to push the host country further. Moreno awarded an early questionable penalty to South Korea early in the game, disallowed a perfectly legitimate goal by Damiano Tommasi, and controversially ejected Italy’s star player, Francesco Totti for allegedly diving. Furthermore, Italian players has been kicked and foul tackled whole match but no freekick has been given. Korean players played dirty whole game but there was no caution from the referee at all. The game ended in a 2-1 South Korean victory in overtime. Though Sepp Blatter did call his refereeing a “disaster,” and never officiated another major soccer contest since 2002.

Since then, Byron Moreno has been proved involving in bribery and corruption. Read more about Byron Moreno

The next victim was Spain !

In the eyes of the public, a possible conspiracy seemed more plausible when South Korea beat Spain to move on to the semi-finals. Egyptian referee, Gamal Ghandour disallowed two perfectly legal Spanish goals. After being accused of accepting a Hyundai car as a “gift” from the Korean Football Association, Ghandour swiftly retired.

Then Italy won the world cup in 2006 and Spain won in 2010. Coincidence?

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