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website review

Do not invest in It's a scam site.

  • Sometimes, when you exchange coins for credits, your credits will not reflect to your balance.
  • When they decide not to pay you, they will change your bitcoin payout address, so that the payment will appear on site stats to make it look legit but only you know that your payment has gone elsewhere.
  • Those with huge investment will get their account disabled eventually.
  • Don't bother to email/message them, cause you're not going to get any reply.
Coins-miners Scam scam

What about their facebook group?

Their facebook group is a deception. They have removed all negative comments and only old positive feedback remained.

Site parody:- scam
Welcome to Shit Miners!
Our scam strategy has been developed for idiots who want to waste their time.
With us you can easily lose all your bitcoins. If you've never been scammed before, this is your chance to make your dreams come true. Transfer all your bitcoins to us, and we will enjoy it in Russia. Hell, you never get it back.

In America, you shit in toilet. In Soviet Russia, toilet shit on YOU!
We do promise the impossible, we turn impossibility into reality. Look at our hardware store, we even offer NSA computers to purchase. How great is that? What are you waiting for? Come join now. We are desperate for your bitcoins.

Everything is very confusing:
  1. Enter your email, so that we can spam in future when we run a new scam site.
  2. Buy imaginary toilet bowl, it is mining nose excrement.
  3. Boogers are saving in toilet bowl.
  4. Sell boogers for manure.
  5. We will send manure to your toilet address or you can reinvest in toilet bowl for more boogers.
That is not all:
Every idiot who sign up gets virtual toilet bowl by free, we know, it's pointless.  We just want your bitcoin. Also you will be able to get boogers for free every day. Ain't that amazing? Join now!

Note: Put all jokes aside. You've been warned. Although, there are many scam alerts about the shitty site, sadly, there are still people who are being fooled by those scammers. My only intention is TO LET YOU KNOW.

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